UK VISA Lottery Application Form | Complete Application Procedures for UK Visa - Money Making Ideas

UK VISA Lottery Application Form | Complete Application Procedures for UK Visa

UK VISA Lottery Application Form

UK VISA Lottery Application Form | Complete Application Procedures for UK Visa

Right now, I will illuminate you on all the means you should take in applying for the UK Visa Lottery and too walk you through all the fundamental data and rules you may require all through the procedure. 

The explanation we have looked into covering this subject is because of numerous pursuits, requests and inquiries of individuals according to this theme just as other related points. Do you expect to apply for the UK visa however have no clue on how and where to start? 

Do you locate the entire methods befuddling? We've scripted this guide for you and we have made it as basic as could be expected under the circumstances.

Getting the UK Visa

Before application, make sure you are acquainted with the kinds of Uk visa available for application based on your country. This is necessary in order to ensure you do not get things mixed up  and get frustrated along the line.
What kind of visa do you need, study visa as a student, tourists visa as a tourist, visit visa, business visa, or is the Uk just a stop where you would only pass by in order to reach another country? then you’ll need a transit visa.
Below are Kinds of Visa Offered:

Types Of Visa Lottery For Application

You can choose to apply for any type of visa below if you possess the necessary requirements;
  1. Pilgrimage visa
  2. Diplomat visa
  3. Study visa
  4. Visitor visa
  5. Business Visa
  6. Farm worker visa
  7. Skilled worker visa
  8. Tourist visa
  9. Transit visa, Etc.

UK Visa lottery Application Form Requirements

Like I said earlier, certain requirements must be met before one can be issued a visa. These requirements could be general requirements or that of the immigration. Either of them must be adhered to strictly and failure to do so might mar one’s opportunity of being granted the Uk Visa.
They Include;
  1. Applicant must possess an original passport (ECOWAS) which will still be valid between 30 to 60 days of your intended stay at the United Kingdom.
Every passport comes with a validity date so check that before application and make sure it’s not invalid in less than 30 days of your intended stay. If found invalid, make sure to request for another before application.
2. One passport sized photograph on a white background with a photocopy.
This could change at the year of your application but it mostly is a white background. Just be sure to check the requirements on their website before going for a passport photograph.
3. Proof of permission to be in the UK e.g. green card , visa, resident permit etc.
4. Letter of invitation from family and friend or sponsors with which you’ll be staying with there.
This is quite important. If you have a family, friend, company or sponsor at the United Kingdom and they are willing to sponsor your trip and survival over there, You should include a letter from them stating their invitation and willingness to sponsor your stay in the UK.
5. Copy of round trip tickets or itinerary.
6. Financial or bank statement for the last 3 months
This is a very important prerequisite; this is done to run a check on your account, Know how much you make and if you would be able to sponsor your trip, hotel and feed throughout your stay there in order to ensure you won’t be a problem while there.
7. Birth certificate
8. If you are going there on a business trip, you will provide an attached copy of letter of invitation for a conference with full details on the company’s authorized representative like the phone numbers, and residential attachment for the duration of your stay for applicants on business trip or conference for business applicants.
9. Supporting letter from guardians, friends or sponsors.
10. Utility bills e.g Nepa bill.
11. Details of flight booking/hotel.
How To Apply For UK Visa Lottery
Applying for the Uk Visa is a very simple process only if you follow the right steps and procedures. We have carefully drafted out the steps for you below; read it.
  1. Simply head over to their official portal: Click here
  2. You can also visit the UK immigration visa website to know the type of visa you will be applying for. (this is necessary based on the fact that visa fees may vary depending on the kind of the visa you would be applying for).
  3. Enter your details correctly in the spaces provided in block letters with a valid email address.
  4. You will be given a GWF number which should be taken care of as you will need it later.
  5. Date for your appointment will be sent to you via your email account, the venue and required documents.
  6. Click and submit your form

Additional Information

For the appointment, you will know to go with the following documents:
  1. A printed copy of your online application and appointment confirmation.
  2. Your passport(we stated earlier the features of the passport)
Your thumbprint (biometric) will be captured at the application center after payment of visa fee which will no longer be refundable once paid.
Attending the appointment is compulsory in order for you to be issued a visa. Make sure you attend your appointment at the time specified and venue to avoid delay and rebooking of appointment.
If all steps are duly followed and you are deemed fit for a United Kingdom Visa, in the next three to six working weeks, you would be contacted to get your visa.
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