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Nairex income program (make 15k+ a week)


Welcome to another chapter of making money online, in this chapter I will be talking about Nairex income program. This income program has been making ways for some times.
                 Nairex Income Program
This income program was design to help individual to make money online just with a lifetime registration of #1600  Nairex pay members for doing some activities on there site also for promoting and the site.

              Nairex Registration
   Nairex registration is very simple and straightforward. The  following information will be requested:
Phone Number
Method of paying registration fee: this can be done in two ways
i. Paystack method: This is the easiest way to pay the money, all you have to do is to input your credit card details to pay the money.
ii. Coupon code: You  can also use this method to pay, all you have to do is to buy coupon code from  one of there coupon code seller from there site. Visit there official website to get started for the registration

               Nairex Account Confirmation
     After you have filled the requested information a confirmation mail will be sent to your email, what you are expected to do is to  check your mail and click on the link in the mail to confirmed you account, when you clicked on the link your account will be confirmed and you are ready to get started  with Nairex.

              Nairex Paying Activities
Nairex reward members for performing the following activities on their site
1. Daily login #50
You as a member is been rewarded with #50 for    login to their site on daily basis
2. Reading post #4
Additional #4 for reading post on there site, the most interesting part of this is that there is no limitation to number of posts you read that means you can earn #4 many as you can.
3. Sharing of sponsored post #200
    Nairex will reward you as a member for sharing there sponsored post on your social media handle also have it in mind that this is also on a daily basis.
4. Referring #1000
   Wow!!! You will the sum of #1000 for just referring your families and friends to join the program using your referrer link Note there is no limitation to number of person you refer
5. Commenting #3
  You also have additional #4 for constructing good comments on post.
6. Forum posting #100
You will be rewarded with the sum of #100 for posting in Nairex forum.
7. Registration bonus #40
Nairex give bonus of #40 as a welcoming bonus to all new members.

              Nairex Payout
    Nairex pay it users every week end to user who have attained the some of #5000 in there cashalert income program also you don't have to refer before you can withdraw your money. Payment prove is given below.

              About Nairex
Cashalart is an online information aggregation and individuals that focus on turning in curated, applicable and modern-day news objects that we believe are of hobby to majority from top dependable resources, focusing to Nigerians based totally domestically and Diaspora on Issues, politics, entertainment, training and plenty of more.

Technically, it’s now easy to study contemporary information replace from pinnacle resources in one channel as Cashalart unleashed.
We made this platform precise to supply the maximum modern and the final minute headlines available.
Nairex source news by using publishers, bloggers, and members from numerous resources which includes pinnacle Nigerian Newspapers like The Guardian, Vanguard newspapers, ChannelsTv and other pinnacle on line news portal, blogs and different several sources.
Nairex also have a corporate social obligation efforts that cowl commercials revenue sharing and affiliate gadget for its member to earn residual income online on weekly basis.

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