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Welcome to another episode of mostmoneyideas
In this episode I will be discussion another way in which money can be make online using your mobile phone, PC, or any other internet accessible device. The most interesting part of this opportunity is that you don't have to have any qualification of any special skill before you can make money online, another interesting part of this is that this program does not require you to have startup capital.

    NowNowAlert Income Program

      NOW NOW ALERT is an organization with the aim of making Nigerians both working class,students ,pensioners, and most especially youths to be more creative instead of joblessness and to eradicate abject poverty.
This platform is based on read news articles and get paid therefore as you get informed by reading news you also get paid. NowNowAlert reward it user for promoting the site and for performing some activities on the site.

           How NowNowAlert Generate their Income

NowNowAlert generate most of their income on the advertisements they placed on their site. The revenue is shared with members for using the site.

           NowNowAlert Earning Activities

NowNowAlert will reward it users for performing the following activities which include:

1. NowNowAlert Affiliate

    NowNowAlert will reward you with half of your referrer registration fee which is 50% of individual you refer

2. Daily login

   NowNowAlert will reward you with the sum of #50 for login in daily. This money is equal to #1500 monthly.

3. Posting

   NowNowAlert will give you #100 for well composed post.

4.Reading News

     #3 is given to individual for reading news on the site.

5. Sponsored Post.
   NowNowAlert give every members #100 for every sponsored post you share on your timeline, the most interesting part of this is that their could be more than one sponsored post in a day.

Those are some of the ways you can earn money on NowNowAlert income program.

        How To Get Started With NowNowAlert

Getting started with NowNowAlert income program is easy as anything all you have to do is to buy coupon code of #1500.

Follow this link to register


For affiliate(referring) the minimum withdrawal is #1000 and it can be withdrawn thrice in a week

Minimum withdrawal for activities is #2000 and this can be withdraw once a week.
     That is it about NowNowAlert income program your comments is need below in the comment section and also don't forget to shared this with your family and friends.
Proudly written by OLADELE OLAMIDE.
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