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Nigerbaze earning program registration #500


    There has been lots of earning program in Nigeria presently, starting cashapp, Wakanda, newspay, nairalover and Nnu those earning program are legit. They pay there user for promoting the site. But in this chapter I will talk about Nigerbaze.

    Nigerbaze  is one of the online income program in Nigeria, the program was design to cater for people with financial instability and students. Newspower provide various opportunities for it members to make money almost without capital or with little capital.

          Online Jobs Opportunities

   Nowadays online jobs is just easy as anything, there are lots of opportunities in doing online jobs, those opportunities will be explained below:
  1. Flexibility.
     One of the characteristics of online jobs is that it flexible. You don't have to be there physical before you can do online jobs.

2. Little or No Capital.
     Another advantage of doing online jobs is that most of the jobs require no or little capital to start.

3. No qualification is required
     You don't have to be a graduate before you can join any online firm also no special skills is required.

4. Location is not a barrier.
     Location is not a barrier doing online jobs you are free to work in any part of the continents without leaving your country.

            How to get started with Nigerbaze
   All you have to do before you can start making money using Newspower as a source is to be a registered member. 
           Nigerbaze registration is not complex, the instructions are written in their registration page.
        The following information will be required to registered
  1. Name
  2. Username
  3. Email
  4. Phone number
  5. Password

    After a successful registration you account will be activated but you have to pay the registration fee of #500
The fee can be pay with your ATM (paystack) or by buying coupon code from their coupon code seller. Visit to register.

         Nigerbaze  Earning Activities

   You will be rewarded on Nigerbaze earning program for performing the following activities
  1. Daily login #80
  2. Commenting #3
  3. Reading post #5
  4. Posting to forum #100
  5. Sharing sponsored post #150
  6. Referring friends #1200

                Nigerbaze Payout

     You are eligible to withdraw your earning from Nigerbaze once it almost the end of the month and you must have attained minimum payout of #4000 before you can withdraw also is not a must to refer before you could withdraw from Nigerbaze earning program.

              How Nigerbaze realised their money

  Nigerbaze is not a scam they pay their members from the profit they made from advertisements that is been placed on there site also from earning they realised from Google AdSense.

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