Make money online with 9jaupdate


Welcome to  9jaupdate income program. 9jaupdate is one of the new income program introduced in Nigeria, the program was design to help fellow Nigerian mostly students to be able to cater for there basic need.

            9jaupdate Registration

  The following information are require for 9jaupdate registration
  1. Username.   Your username is a unique identify which is required by individuals and it mostly used for login
  2. Password.   Password  is very very important 
  3. Email.   Your email is also essential part of the registration information, your email is use  to reset the your password if you forget it.

9jaupdate registration fee is just #1,600
               9jaupdate Earning Activities

    9jaupdate will reward for performing the following activities on there site.

1.  Registration bonus #50
9jaupdate pay you the sum of #50 as a welcome bonus to newly registered members.

2. Daily login #50 
#50 is giving to individuals who are active on the program.

3. Reading Post #5
  #5 is earned by reading a single post on the site

4. Sponsored Post #100
     #100 is eared by individual for sharing sponsored post, this is eared daily.

5. Commenting #2
  9jaupdate reward members for commenting on each post on the site.

6. Referring friends #800
Referring family and friends to join the program can be additional way to make money with 9jaupdate.

7. 9jaupdate also pay it member for participating In football prediction, anyone with correct prediction will be rewarded with #2000.

       Source of 9jaupdate Money

    9jaupdate generate there income through advert they placed on there site and through other ways which are legal and part of this money are shared with there members for their activities on this site.

                     9jaupdate  Payout

     9jaupdate currently is just #5,000. Whenever individual earning reached the sum of 5k you are eligible to withdraw to your bank account.

At the end of each month you should be able to earn at least 30k in each month.
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