Online paying site in Nigeria - Money Making Ideas

Online paying site in Nigeria


In this chapter I am going to be explaining some of the ways to make money online without any qualification or any special requirements. There are many ways this can be done. Some of this ways are by promoting of some paying site, these site pay its user for daily login, commenting, and sharing there post on there social media handle, some of this site are:

 1. NNU

NNU means Nigeria News Update it among the first News paying site in Nigeria.
   This income program is own by Paul Samson.
NNU share its income with his members for promoting the site.

                 NNU Earning Activities 

This are some of the ways you can earn on NNU

1.Daily login #50
2.Reading of post #5
3. Commenting #3
4. Reffering friends #1000
5. Sharing of sponsored post #100
6. Post into forum #100

                    NNU Registration

NNU registration is simple and straight forward if you followed the procedure strightly. The registration fees is just sum of #1600. After a successful registration your account will be activated and you will start to earn immediately.
Use this link to registered

1. Blog9ja

Blo9ja is another online way in which one can make extra cash online.
      Ways of making money on Blog9ja

Blog9ja share it revenue with user for performing simple task which including daily login, uploading of profile picture,reading news, commenting, reading post, and also registration bonus.

          Minimum Payout on Blo9ja

The minimum payout of cashawoof is somehow hug, as of writing the post the minimum payout of blog9ja is huge anything less than 3k will not be approved for payment. Also the payment method is through bank transfer which is very easy and efficient

      Payment Activities

1. Daily login #50
2. Reading post #1
3. Commenting #2
4. Referring a friend #100
5. Accepting friend request #1
This are some of the ways you can with Blog9ja.

      How Blog9ja generate there income.

Blog9ja is not a charity organization they earned there income through various advertisements they display on there site, example of this advertisement include Google AdSense and Mgid.
           Blog9ja Registration

Registration for Blog9ja is very simple, just follow the procedure, the registration fees is #1,600 use this link to registered

3. Instant kash

This is another ways of earning extra cash online, Instant Cash popularly know as 9jacnn pay its user for performing simple task.

This program as been running for some times now and there as not been any complain by there user also payment prof is also provided.

         Instant kash payment Activities

1. Daily login #50
2. Referring friends #1000
3. Reading post #3
4. Commenting #3
5. Sharing of sponsored post #100

        How Instant kash generate there income

Instant kash generate there income through various ways example of those ways include advertisements they display in there site, example of those advertisements is Google AdSense.

         Instant kash Registration

Instant kash registration is very easy once the instructions is followed, the registration fee is just #1,000.
The money can be payed using paystack i.e using your ATM card or buy buying coupon code from some of there coupon seller, use this link to registered


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