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CBN/NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan Application Portal is Open

 We are pleased to inform you that the Application portal for CBN Covid-19 Loan Targeted Credit Facility is now open.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) reopens the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan application portal for MSMEs and individual households. CBN had introduced a stimulus package to assist households and Micro, Tiny and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) afflicted with the COVID-19 pandemic. Interested and eligible candidates are invited to join up to to the loan.


End result of COVID-19 pandemic also have severe consequences on households' livelihoods and business activities, due to drop in global demand, declined consumer confidence and slowdown in production.


With this respect, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced the N50 billion Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) to be a stimulus package to assist households and Micro, Tiny and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) afflicted with the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBN/NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan Application | Who Is Eligible?

  • Households: Households with verifiable proof of livelihood adversely relying on COVID-19
  • Microenterprises: Existing enterprises with verifiable proof of business activities adversely affected because of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • SMEs: Enterprises with bankable promises to benefit from opportunities arising from your COVID-19 pandemic.

CBN/NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan Application Procedures

The CBN/NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan Application can be carried out within these three steps;

STEP 1Submit an Application

  • You can utilize your phone, tablet or laptop to the application.
  • Visit NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal via and submit applications on to NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) with clear proof of an opportunity or adverse impact because of COVID-19 pandemic.

STEP 2: Approval

  • NIRSAL MFB reviews your application and forward the application towards CBN for final approval.

STEP 3: Disbursement

  • CBN reviews applications and final approval for disbursement to NMFB

Further Notes:

  • Interest Rates: Interest in the intervention is 5% p.a. before 1st March 2021 and 9% p.a. after (all inclusive)
  • Load Duration: Working capital might be for just a maximum amount of 12 months, without the need of selection for rollover.
  • Loan Amount: Households can access about N3 million while SMEs can access a more N25 million be subject to many factors.

Application Deadline: Not Specified

Look at the Official NIRSAL Application Portal for Further Details

Express Entry Canada: Migrate To Canada Through Express Entry

 Express Entry Canada

Canada is beginning to change its economic immigration programs to present more opportunity to prospective skilled immigrants. Starting January 2015, skilled foreign workers will gain access to Express Entry, that will cover Canada's key economic immigration programs:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • the Federal Skilled Trades Program,
  • the Canadian Experience Class, and
  • Part of Provincial Nominee Programs
Candidates who will be invited to apply for permanent residence beneath the Express Entry system will take advantage of fast processing times during the a few months or less. Express Entry will even offer a pathway for skilled workers to interact with potential job opportunities in Canada before arrival. Express Entry will be sure that the candidates who are likely to ensure success economically – besides those first in line – have the ability to immigrate to Canada.

How Express Entry Works

Step 1

Potential candidates create an online Express Entry profile

Express your desire for visiting Canada being a skilled foreign worker. Starting in January 2015, create a web-based Express Entry profile and show us about your abilities, work experience, language ability, education and also other details.

Before this process, you will have to create a language test in English or French. Should you be educated away from Canada, you could possibly should also have your education assessed against Canadian standards. A lot of language and education assessments can be acquired online.

When you qualify of among the list of federal economic immigration programs controlled by Express Entry, you may be used in a swimming pool of pre-screened candidates.

Unless you already have a very Canadian job offer or a nomination coming from a province/territory, you need to register together with the Government of Canada's Job Bank. Job Bank is a simple, online search tool that will assist you get matched with jobs in Canada based upon your abilities, knowledge and experience.

Express Entry Pool

You may obtain a score to discover your invest the Express Entry pool utilizing a Comprehensive Ranking System which includes factors recognized to bring about economic success (such as language, education, and work experience).

You will see regular draws of candidates from your Express Entry pool, inviting those to apply for permanent residence. Candidates with the very best scores, including individuals who have a sound job offer or perhaps a provincial/territorial nomination, might be invited to apply.

Your Express Entry profile might be valid for 12 months. During then, you will have to remodel your profile if circumstances change, like your height of education or language test results.

Important: Submitting a web-based Express Entry profile isn't a guarantee that you get permanent residence. If you're invited to apply for permanent residence, information provided inside your Express Entry profile might be verified during this time.

Step 2

Selected candidates are invited to submit an electronic application for permanent residence

You'll receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in the event that you:

  • have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada (subject to the Labour Market Impact Assessment process set up at that time);
  • have already been nominated by way of a province or territory; or
  • are among the most effective ranked in the pool based in your skills and experience.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will process many complete permanent residence applications received within half a year or less.

Candidates in the Express Entry pool who don't receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence after 12 months can resubmit their profile and re-enter the pool when they still meet with the criteria.

How To Apply For Canada Working Visa | Canada Work Permit | Canada Visa Application

How To Apply For Canada Working Visa | Canada Work Permit | Canada Visa Application

Canada working visa 

Canada is an open nation. They acknowledge 300,000 workers from abroad each and every year. So on the off chance that you need to work in Canada, their entryway is open. Obviously, you should exhibit the significant documentation. The nation won't let you through its fringes basically in light of the fact that you have the right stuff they need. You have to show a Canada working visa. This archive will give you the approval to work in the nation.

In any case, the way toward making sure about a Canada Working visa is dreary and it ordinarily includes the accompanying:

1). Contingent upon the course you decide to take, movement authorities may anticipate that you should initially exhibit a job offer from Canada before they can give you a visa. For a business in Canada to extend to a remote worker an employment opportunity, they should apply for a Labor Market Impact Assessment. This is a framework that takes a gander at a business position and decides if a reasonable Canadian resident would miss out if an outside worker was procured to fill it.

Canada Work Permit

The evaluation must give an impartial or positive answer before the business is given the green light to contract an outside worker. There are circumstances that don't require a LMIA. For example, individuals who apply for a Canada working visa through the projects gave by the NAFTA understanding don't require this appraisal. 

The equivalent applies to outsiders whose abilities will definitely affect the nation to improve things, also anybody that is coming to Canada for strict or beneficent purposes. In the event that a business' LMIA application is denied, they will be disallowed from extending to you the employment opportunity being referred to.

2). On the off chance that the business' LMIA application is affirmed, they can feel free to send you documentation that incorporates the LMIA endorsement letter and the job offer. The job offer must determine the job you will play and the association that will utilize you.

3). When you have a job offer, one that has passed the Labor Market Impact Assessment, you can apply for a Canada working license. The IRCC is accused of accepting such applications. You can either apply on the web or through the mail contingent upon what you like.

Canada Visa Application

4). In the event that everything goes as needs be to design, if migration authorities survey and favor your application, the nation will grant you a working grant. You can get it at the outskirt when you show up in Canada. The span that the visa permits you to spend in the nation will fluctuate. Some are just useful for a couple of days. Others are legitimate for quite a long time

The degree of multifaceted nature you experience will rely upon the kind of work grant you need. Some Canada working visas are fixed. You can just utilize them to work for a particular business. When you are ended, you should return home except if the migration office intercedes.

Different visas are not as prohibitive. You can utilize them to work for any business that suits you. These are best for a great many people since they give more opportunity to one to investigate their possibilities.

How To Apply For Canada Working Visa

Green Card Visa Lottery: USA 3 Years Work Permit with Job Salary of $4000 Monthly

Green Card Visa Lottery: USA 3 Years Work Permit with Job Salary of $4000 Monthly

USA 3 years work permit with job pay of $4000 USD month to month, no meeting, takes 3 weeks to turn out. What's required is a worldwide visa, 4 America estimated photograph identification and 1 full photo. This Visa will accompany a Lithuania living arrangement license.

Seeing the above passage I realize the primary idea that leaves your brain is "wouldn't fret these 419 individuals them wear start once more". Indeed, even me as a movement expert I would have thought of that in the event that I wasn't the individual sharing this data; due to the horrible experience a few of us have had in the past with supposed trip specialists,

How To Apply For USA Green Card Visa Lottery

My genuine expression of remorse goes to individuals who have fallen casualty of visa fakes.

On the off chance that you are among those exploited people don't be reluctant to pursue the second and last time, since this one is 100% ensured; what you are getting is

USA 3 years work license with job compensation of $4000 USD month to month, with no issues all that is expected of you is to promise us and give us a proof that you can pay for the visa when it is out. 

Those of us who know a couple of people who have gotten am America visa before realizes the immense sum associated with the handling of visa, don't let that alarms you since we are not charging any forthright installment. Again you don't have to store anything as long as there is a proof of money in your record to adjust up the installment when the visa is out.

So there is no space to engage any dread about extortion since you won't pay for the visa until is out for assortment. An open door like this comes once in a blue moon in the event that you don't utilize it might never come back again.

How To Apply For USA 3 Years Work Permit 

Another idea that will ring a bell is that since it is distributed via web-based networking media webpage isn't genuine, don't let such impression prevent you from claiming what life is tossing at you at this moment; We need at the very least a 100 people on this visa program so what other place do you anticipate that me should get such numbers without telling the general population.

Additionally, this visa program has changed numerous individuals' lives and it will change yours in the event that you are keen on observing any evidence send me a message on my telephone to give you.

This visa program isn't for individuals wishing to go in future; it is for individuals who need to travel now on a 3 years' work license with job compensation of $4000 USD. For additional requests Interested applicant can get in touch with us at:

Click here to apply for USA 3 Years Work Permit with Job Salary of $4000 Monthly

Visa Immigration To UK: United Kingdom Visa Lottery – How to apply for a UK Visa

UK Visa Lottery – How to apply for a UK visa

United Kingdom Visa Lottery

United Kingdom Visa Lottery – How to apply for a UK Visa

Utilize the UK Visas Immigration website to check the kind of visa you need to submit, and the reports you should finish it.

Each sort of visa requires distinctive documentation, so check your kind of visa cautiously. On the off chance that your record isn't in English, you may need to set up the interpretation before submitting.

You have to check whether you meet the necessities to apply for the visa application that you need. On the off chance that you are uncertain about what visa is directly for you, utilize our poll Do you need a visa?

Types of UK Visa Lottery?

  • Study Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Join a spouse or family
  • Visiting
  • Transit Visa

Documents for UK Visa Lottery

For each document that you give, you should incorporate the first record and a photocopy.

The document incorporates a duplicate of your identification biodata page (the page containing your photograph). In the event that you don't give a duplicate/duplicate to each report, we may not restore the first archive to you.

  • Passport
  • A copy of the completed and signed visa application form
  • Latest and valid travel documents or passports (your passport must contain at least 1 blank page on both sides so that we can place your visa)
  • Two color passport size photo that meets the requirements of our photo guidelines.
  • Proof of permission to be in the country where you apply if you are not a citizen of that country.
  • Old passport to show the history of your trip.
  • Proof of your marriage status. Including marriage letters, civil partnership letters (same-sex marriage marriages), divorce papers, or death certificates
  • Proof of your current work or study
  • Travel plans, if you have them.
  • Enclose the application fee. Your fee will not be refunded, even if your application is not accepted.
  • Identification cards, proof of employment, a letter of invitation from relatives or friends in United Kingdom, or a proposed itinerary. Check the website of the visa office responsible for the country or region where you live for more information.
  • Proof that you have enough money for your visit to United Kingdom. The amount of money may vary, depending on the circumstances for your visit, how long you will stay and whether you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives.
  • You can get more information from the United Kingdom visa office.

On the off chance that you send documents that don't communicate in English, they should be joined by a total interpretation that we can autonomously confirm.

Each translation document must contain:
  • confirmation from the translator that the document is an accurate translation of the original document;
  • date of translation;
  • translator’s full name and signature; and translator contact details.

Submit your United Kingdom visa lottery through

Submit online

When you are prepared to apply, visit the UK Visas and Immigration website to apply for your visa. Ensure you have a decent record of your movement history, alongside archives to help each outing that has been made. In the event that you apply for a visa for the benefit of your family or different family members, you will likewise require every one of their subtleties and travel history accessible before you start.

Pay for your visa fee

Subsequent to making an accommodation and choosing an arrangement, you have to pay for a visa. This must be done online in your accommodation.

On the off chance that you don't have a credit or plastic, you can decide the individual who will pay it for your benefit. Or then again, some visa application focuses can likewise do it for you for a little charge. Check whether the visa application focus you pick offers administrations .

Pick your service

Pick your administration for UK Visa Lottery: After paying the visa charge, you will be given a reference number. This beginnings with GWF. After you have the number, you can change future visits to the visa accommodation focus with an assortment of Global VFS Premium Services .

Regardless of whether you need the procedure to be quicker and simpler, or simply sit unobtrusively and easily when visiting a visa application focus, VFS Global has discretionary administrations to support you.

Not certain what to pick? Set aside cash with a total bundle with the Silver Premium Service to accelerate your visa application.

Transfer your supporting records 

Transfer your supporting records for nothing for United Kingdom Visa for Nigeria

Official site permits you to submit records supporting visa applications and individual data carefully, from your home, school or office, permitting you to store important archives as opposed to sending them to UK Visas and Immigration.

Visit the UK Visa Lottery application center 

Attend your appointment

You should go to an arrangement for a visa application. You can't send somebody to speak to you.

Present 15 minutes ahead of schedule

In the event that you apply for a visa through 'Access UK', it would be ideal if you bring a rundown of records. On the off chance that you present an application through 'Visa4uk' if it's not too much trouble bring the principal page of your visa application structure

It would be ideal if you bring a substantial visa or travel archive and at any rate have 1 page that is as yet clear on the two sides.

Transfer your records secretly, or in the event that you have paid for our archive filtering help administration, if it's not too much trouble bring great quality reports or photocopies of your records to the visa application focus;

At the visa application focus, you will likewise be approached to present your fingerprints and photographs. This movement is known as the Biometric information assortment.

A finger scanner advanced gadget will take 10 finger tests, and you will snap a picture. The finger scanner advanced gadget doesn't utilize ink, fluid or synthetic concoctions and won't leave blemishes on your finger.

Your photographs will be taken with the size of the whole face and not permitted to utilize shades or standard glasses, or spread the head except if this is utilized for strict or wellbeing reasons. Your face must be clear with no hair covering your eyes.

Ensure your fingertips are liberated from different sorts of designs, harmed, scratched or different signs which will influence your capacity to submit worthy finger checks.

In the event that you apply for a visa for youngsters under 5 years old, they should be available while presenting the visa application document however they won't be taken Biometric information.

Kids younger than 18 must be joined by a grown-up and may not be one of the VFS Global staff.

Without Biometric information data, your visa application won't be handled.

Monitor the progress of your submission

You will get news by email if your choice has been come back to the visa application center. In the event that you can't get to email effectively, or need progressively point by point following data, you can likewise pick discretionary increments and get news by means of SMS sent straightforwardly to your mobile phone.

  • Return to the visa application center to receive your documents
  • After the decision on the visa application is made, you can collect documents from the visa application center.
  • Choose whether to collect your own documents, send representatives to get them, or ask to be sent to you by courier .
  • Taking documents directly; bring a receipt issued by the visa application center and a form of government identification.
  • Send representatives to retrieve your documents; they must provide a power of attorney signed by you, bring the receipt that was released to you by the visa application center and their government identification.

Dubai Visa Lottery – How To Apply For Dubai Visa Online

Dubai Visa Lottery – How To Apply For Dubai Visa Online
We have set aside effort to give you the different strides on the most proficient method to get Dubai Visa Application Form – Are you intrigued or needing Dubai visa however don't know how to go about it? 
Do you realize that candidates venturing out to Dubai on Emirates or Fly Dubai Airlines can apply for their Dubai visa at the Dubai Visa Application Center. 
Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 
Have you been trusting and longing for heading out to Dubai or finding a new line of work in Dubai,now it is an open door for you to book your ticket following the bit by bit rules. 
This post will direct on the most proficient method to apply for a Dubai visa. Here are a few stages that will assist you with avoiding pointless pressure that comes when filling visa application on the web, with the assistance of this Dubai visa control.
Here is a guide to applying for your Dubai visa and you’ll be on your way to this incredible destination!


Before applying you have to select the type you wish to go for which includes working visa, business visa, study visa and so on. It all depends on the duration of your trip, there are different types of Dubai visa for Nigerians and their fees vary.
The 96-Hour Visa: In this type of visa you are only eligible to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 96 hours.
14-Day Visa: In this type of visa is actually a short term visit, single entry and it is non extendable visa is valid for a 14-day stay from the date of issue.
30-Day Visa  This is a short term visit, single entry and this is a non extendable visa and it is valid for a 30-day stay.
90-Day Visa: This type of visa is valid for 90 days and great for travellers who are going to Dubai on holiday or to visit family and friends.
Make sure your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after departing from the UAE.
Also note that processing time for a Dubai visa is between 2 and 8 days, depending on the type of visa you are applying for.


Visa TypeVisa Fee
30-Day Visa
96-Hour Visa
14-Day Visa
90-Day Visa
90-Day Multi-Entry Long Term Visa
30-Day Multi-Entry Short Term Visa
Cancellation Charge


If you wish to get a Dubai visa without problems it is necessary to have all the required documents and you have to ensure they are up to date. The following documents are compulsory for everyone applying for a Dubai visa.
  • He/her original copy of your international passport and it is valid for more than 6 months.
  • He/her copies of a colored passport and the photo page and bio page in colour. his/her expiry date and any other special endorsement information must be clear.
  • He/she must also present a one colored passport photograph (Full name and passport number should be written on the back). Size must be to the specification of 4.3 cm x 5.5 cm and preferably on a white background.
  • He/she must present a confirmed Emirate Airline ticket.
  • Applicants must provide a colored copy of the valid CERPAC and residence permit visa.
  • While other required documents will depend on the type of visa you are applying for.


The Dubai Visa application can be processed at their VFS Processing Centres

UK Visa Lottery Application is Ongoing – How to Get UK Visa and Migrate To UK

UK Visa Lottery Application

UK Visa Lottery Application is Ongoing – How to Get UK Visa and Migrate To UK
Are you planning to migrate to UK? DO you have the intention of moving to UK with your family? Or, do you want to study and work in UK? Are you a tourist planning to visit the UK?
UK Visa Lottery application is ongoing. Before you apply, you must know which type of visa you will be applying for in order not to mix up the whole thing and get yourself more frustrated. 
Do you need a study visa as a student, tourism visa as a tourist, visit visa, business visa, or will you just be passing through the UK on your way to another country? Then you’ll need a transit visa. Official and Government Diplomats is issued to government officials on business visits to UK.

    UK Visa Lottery Requirement.

    1. Original Nigerian passport (ECOWAS) whose validity rate extends to 30 days or 6 months of your intended stay in the country.
    2. UK application form.
    3. One passport sized photograph on a white background or as specified with a photocopy.
    4. Proof of permission to be in the UK e.g. visa, green card, resident permit etc.
    5. Letter of invitation from family and friend or sponsors with which you’ll be staying with there.
    6. Copy of round trip tickets or itinerary.
    7. Financial or bank statement for the last 3 months
    8. Birth certificate
    9. Attached copy of letter of invitation for a conference with full details on the company’s authorized representative like the phone numbers, and residential attachment for the duration of your stay for applicants on business trip or conference for business applicants.
    10. Supporting letter from guardians, friends or sponsors.
    11. Utility bills
    12. Details of flight booking/hotel.

    How to Apply for UK Visa Lottery

    1. Visit
    2. You can also visit the UK immigration visa website to know the type of visa you will be applying for. The visa fees may vary depending on the category of the visa you would be applying for.
    3. Enter your details correctly in the spaces provided in block letters with a valid email address.
    4. You will be given a GWF number which should be taken care of as you will need it later.
    5. Date for your appointment will be sent to you via your email account, the venue and required documents.
    6. Click submits.


    The following documents will be required of you as you’ll be attending the appointment:
    1. Printed copy of your online application and appointment confirmation.
    2. Your passport.
    Your biometric thumbprint will be done at the application centre after payment of visa fee which will no longer be refundable once paid.
    Be sure to attend your appointment at the time specified and venue to avoid delay and rebooking of appointment, that’ll be a whole round of stress you Know?
    Then in the next three to six working weeks, you should be expecting your visa.

    How To Get UK Work Permit | UK Work Visa Application Procedures

    UK Work Visa

    How To Get UK Work Permit | UK Work Visa Application Procedures
    Do you want to work in UK? Did you just get employed to come and work in UK? 
    This article explains how to get your British work Permit Visa in details.
    The Tier 2 work permit category forms a core component of the UKBA’s points-based system for managed migration.

    How to Get a British Work Permit

    Before you can apply you must satisfy the following work permit requirements:
    • Have received a confirmed offer of employment from a licensed UK employer who will act as your sponsor; and
    • Be in possession of a Certificate of Sponsorship issued by your sponsoring employer; and
    • Pass the points-based assessment, details of which can be found on the category specific work permit pages listed below.
    There are three main categories of UK work permit we advise on. These are:
    • Tier 2 General - Skilled Worker
    • Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer
    • Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa
    The work permit application process is led by the employer who is responsible for issuing you (the applicant) with a Certificate of Sponsorship.
    Employers who want to know more about Tier 2 work permits are advised to read our section on Tier 2 visa information for employers.

    UK Work Permits (General Category) and Permanent Residency 

    As a UK work grant holder you can fit the bill for changeless living arrangement in the event that you have lived and worked in the UK for at least five years. When you have fulfilled the multi year prerequisite you may fit the bill for Indefinite Leave to stay in the UK, which can be then be trailed by British Naturalization as a UK resident. 

    Intra-Company Transfers and Permanent Residency 

    As a UK work license holder under the ICT classification, you can fit the bill for changeless habitation on the off chance that you have lived and worked in the UK for at least five years and was conceded a Tier 2 intra organization move visa under the guidelines set up before sixth April 2010 or had past leave as a passing work grant holder. When you have fulfilled the multi year necessity you may meet all requirements for Indefinite Leave to stay in the UK (ILR), which can be then be trailed by British Naturalization as a UK resident. 

    Changes of Employment 

    In the event that you wish to change businesses you should get another Certificate of Sponsorship from an authorized manager. You will likewise need to experience a reassessment against the present focuses test and the position should fulfill the promoting prerequisites of the inhabitant work showcase test (if pertinent).