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Make money with Palmpay App


Welcome to another edition of mostmoneyideas in this edition is gonna be about palmpay app.
Palmpay isn’t a new app, the app have been in existence over some times now and many Nigerians have been using the app.
So has our mission was to provide you with relevant information and ways to make money online most especially here in Nigeria.
Back to our previous discussion, many people will be wondering what is palmpay or what does palmpay app does but there it nothing to worry about cause I will be given a detailed info about palmpay app and how to also make money from it without spending a dime.


Palmpay app is an app which is used to send money within Nigerian.
This app is talking was recently launched in Nigeria and the most amazing part of this app is that it provide individual the opportunity to make money with it.


palmpay isn’t for sending and receiving money, palmpay also provide other services which will be highlighted below
  • Paying bills
Palmpay also provide professional services such as
  • Paying electricity bill
One of the advantages of using palmpay app is that allown you to recharge your electricity unit without having to go to Nepa office or bank before you could pay for your electricity. Palmpay app rewards you with cash back up to 5-10% of the total cash
  • Airtime Top up
Palmpay app isn’t for sending and receiving money alone it can also be used to top up your phone, many people having been using this awesome features of palmpay and it really good, easy and convenient, you will get a discount of 5-10%
  • Cable subscription
Recharging your Gotv or Dstv and any other cable subscription can be annoying most time because of the time and stress but with this palmpay feature, you don’t have to waste your time or stress yourself again or you have to do is to use your palmpay app which which will be done immediately without wasting much time,for every subscription you made


in this section I will give you the procedure for palmpay app registration.
There are two ways in which one can register for palmpay app, those two ways are.
This is the easiest way to register for palmpay app cause once you have downloaded the app from Google Play Store, launch the app and click on sign up directly from the menu and fill in the require info.
PALMPAY also allow registration from their website and after a successful registration you will login from the app once downloaded from Google Play Store or other App Store.


Using palmpay app have some advantages which some of it has been discussed before but here are also some of other advantages of using palmpay app.
  • free 75 point for new user.
Palmpay app rewards it new user for using the app, this point is once in a lifetime bonus.
  • Free 75 point for first transaction
Palmpay app will reward individual for performing any transaction for the first time, the transaction can be any including any of, top up, cable subscription and TV subscription.


You would win ₦300 each time somebody joins on PalmPay with your referrer code and they complete their first exchange. Your companions will likewise profit. They would get 75 points in the wake of enrolling with your referral code and another 75 focuses after they do an exchange.
The most effective method to Welcome Companions to Procure on PalmPay
Go to your Menu, you would see Exchange history, Profile, Contacts and then some.
Snap on Greeting to see your greeting code in structure QR code, URL and code.
You can share your greeting code with loved ones. You will both acquire focuses when they register with your code or through your connection.
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