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Make 20k weekly with Avidupdate income program


Welcome to another money making venture, today I will be introducing you to this newly launched income program, AVIDUPDATE income program officially launched some weeks ago to help Nigerian to eases the financial problems peoples are currently facing here in Nigeria.

Avidupdate provide an interesting ways of making money online, with Avidupdate all your financial problems will be solved, you can be making 10k per week with Avidupdate.

How Avidupdate Generate their Revenue

Avidupdate generate most of their revenue from all sorts of advertisements which they placed on their site and also from selling digital products and ebooks.

How to get started with Avidupdate

Before you can make money with Avidupdate you first have to be a fully registered members. Full registration guide will be given below.

Follow the following procedures to registered for Avidupdate.

1. Username.

A username 's required for you to register for Avidupadte,

This username is a unique identifiers which distinguished you from other members.

2. Name.

You are expected to input your name in this space provided.

3. Email.

Your email is an important information which is required by Avidupdate. You are to provide a valid email because you have to verify your account using the email you provided.

4. Password

You are to protect your account so therefore you have to provide a password which will be only used by you to access you Avidupdate account

Follow this link to registered for Avidupdate

Avidupdate Registration Fee

Avidupdate registration fee is just #1,200

This fee can either be paid either by

1. By buying coupon code

2. By using ATM card.

After a successful registration to Avidupdate you are ready to make money immediately without any further delay.

Avidudate Earning Activities

In this section I will be explaining how you can make money on Avidupdate just by performing some simple activities.

Those activities will be explained below.

1. Registration bonus (#100)

Avidupdate give you a registration bonus of #100 to all newly registered members to welcome them to the income program but this is once.

2. Daily login (#50)

You will receive #50 for login to your Avidupdate account daily. This #50 is received daily when you log into your Avidupdate account.

3. Sponsored Post (#100)

You will receive some of #100 each day for sharing sponsored post into your Facebook timeline. Sponsored is just to be shared to your Facebook daily ie you will be earning #100 daily for sharing it.

4. Reading Post (#2)

For every post you read on Avidupdate as a registered member you will earn #2 but the most interesting part of this is that there is no limitation to post you read ie if you read 100 post you will get #200.

5. Commenting (#2)

You will also get #2 for every comment you make on Avidupdate also there is no limitation to this.

6. Create Post (#70)

For every post you post into Avidupdate you get a reward of #70, you can create as many post as you want.

7. Weekly quiz (N500)

With Avidupdate weekly quiz you can stand a chance to win #500 every week.

8. Pay per click on referral link (#2)

You will earn #2 on every click you get on your referral links. The more people click on your referral link the more you get #2 for each click. Also there is no limitation to click you received.

9. Referral bonus (#700)

You will get #700 for referring your friends and families to join the income program. As long as you keep referring people to join Avidupdate the more you keep earning #700 for individual for each person you refer.

10. Win free airtime

On Avidupdate you can stand a chance to win free airtime

11. Predict and win

To all football lover, you have a chance to predict any football match and win if you make correct prediction.

How To withdraw from Avidupdate

Avidupdate has a simple user dashboard will allow it members to freely use it. Members can use withdraw their money once t reached minimum withdrawal of #4,000.

Once you reach minimum withdrawal of #4,000 you can fill the withdrawal form, once you filled the form. Your request will be reviewed and if you are good to go your money will be payed to your account which you filled.

If you have any questions, observation or any contribution please drop it in the comment section below.

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