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How to withdraw money from Nairatime income program


Nairatime income program is one of the best Nigeria have ever gotten. The income program was design to help fellow Nigerian to overcome their Financial instability.

Nairatime was mostly design for students and unemployed once and those who want some extral ways of income.

As a students you should probably enrolled for this income program because nothing much is required by you before you could be making money with it.

All you need is you Internet enable device and you are good to go.

How to withdraw you money from Nairatime income program

In this section I will be explaning the procedures to follow to withdraw your money to your bank account.

The first thing to note is that your money most be #5,000 and above because any amount less than that will not be approved.

Another thing to notice is the issue of sponsored post, if you did not share the sponsored post on your Facebook timeline or the post is hidden you are likely not to get paid but if those conditions state above is attained follow the steps below to withdraw your money to your bank account.

1. First step to be taken in withdrawing money to you your bank account is for you to fill the withdrawal form. Withdraw form only open on 25th of each months, you whenever it 25th of the month and your earning is up to minimum withdrawal or above you should filled the form.

When filling the form, make sure all the data you input is very much correct, after you filled the form submit it with the submit button at the footer of the page.

2. After submitting your withdrawal form wait till is been process, you will receive a email regarding your requested withdraw, if you did not have any issue regarding your earning, the money will be deducted.

3. Immediately after you have submitted your request, processing will start immediately,

You should be expecting to receive your banks alert after two days.
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