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Make over #5,000 daily with Peervally income program


Good day to our unique visitors welcome to another interesting write up. In this chapter I will be discussion about one of the newest income program. This income program was newly launched and it has been a source of income to many Nigerians most especially the students and also those that need extral ways of making money.

#    Peervally Income Program

Peervally is an online platform which serve as a mean of earning money online. This platform is free to register and u can started earning money immediately after registration. Peervally reward it user for reading, commenting,posting and sharing of sponsored post on your social media. The most interesting part of this program is that when you shared sponsored post on your social media you will be rewarded with amount of poeple the open your post.

# How peervally Work

Earning on peervally is very easy all you have to do is to be fully registered. Registration procedure will be explained below.

# How To Register For Peervally Income program

Peervally registration wasn't really hard, it online require your basic information, some of those information include .

# Username.

   You are require to fill your username. This is one of the most important information required by peervally in order to be part of the members.

# Full Name
  You are user expected to input your  full name in this filed starting from your first name followed by your surname.

# Valid Email
  This is one of the most important information require for peervally registration, peervally will send you a confirmation message with the email you used to registered.

# Password
  You most use a strong password which is more than six character. Using the combination of letters and numbers including symbols will be a great ideas for your password.

You can registered through this link
# How To Earn On Peervally Income Program

Below I will be explaining some of the ways you can earn on peervally income program.
   Some of those things are easy to do which include the following.

# Reading of Post
   On Peervally income program reading post is quit simple and you have to do is to open any post (news) that interest you. By doing this you will earn 3points for each post you read.  The most interesting part is that you can read up to 200 posts per day which mean you will have 400points just for reading news.

# Referring Visitors (cost per click)
  This is another cool way to earn point on peervally income program.
All you have to do is to share your referrer code on your social media and the amount of click you get will be determined by Peervally. One click is 2 points but it is limited to 3000 view daily.which mean you will have 6,000 point daily.

# Sharing of post to social media
   Sharing of post to social media is another way to earn on Peervally income program, you will get 5 points for each post you share but it limited to 20 post per day.which mean you will have 100 points for sharing.

# Posting to forum
  Posting to Peervally forum can be additional way of generating points. You will get 2 points for each view on your post in the forum that mean you will have 200 point if your post in the forum is viewed by 100 peoples.

# Commenting
   This is also a good way to earn points on Peervally income program but this is limited .

   This are the some of the ways to earn points on Peervally income program.

# How To Withdraw Your Earning On Peervally Income program

Peervally income program is not like the other income program where you just filled the withdrawal form. There are certain procedure you have to do before you can withdraw from Peervally.
    Those procedure will be explained below.

 First step to be taken in withdrawal process is that you have to transfer your point into wallet.
For you to be able to withdraw your money you have to transfer it into wallet. This can be done on every 25th to 30th of each month.

# How Much Point to be Transfer into wallet

1. 10,000 points for premium members which is equal to #5,000
2.  15,000 points for free members
Which is equal to #7,500

# How To Withdraw Your Money To Your Bank Account

  For you to be able to withdraw your money to your bank account, follow the following steps.

1. Login to your peervally account
2. Click on withdrawl and fill the form
3. Cross check weither there is any error in the form you filled.
4. Click on submit button

    Then wait for 5 minutes for you to see your credited alert.

#        Minimum Payout

  The minimum payout for premium members is #1,500.
   While the minimum payout for free members is #2,500.


This is about Peervally income program for now check our site later for update.

     Drop your questions below if you have any and also don't forget to share this post with your love ones.

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